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Configure HP Proliant DL360p/DL380p Gen8 RAID

Affects version(s): 
< 4.2.6

The deliviered HP RAID Controller driver can detect and support the new Smart Array P420i Controller, but we really recommend to update the Driver and the CLI Utiltiy as soon as possible. Please see the article How to update drivers and other packages

A new deliviered HP Server System is already preconfigured with a RAID setup (if more than one harddisks are installed). To monitor the Mirroring RAID status (Software RAID1) by Airlock, it is neccessary to reconfigure the Hardware RAID configuration.

The RAID Controller P420i gives the choice of wizard driven configuration called "HP Array Configuration Utility" (press F5 at Controller BIOS message) and simple RAID configuration called "Option ROM Configuration for Arrays Utility" (Press F8 at Controller BIOS message). We recommend to select "Option ROM Configuration for Arrays Utility". It will start much faster and - to configure single logical Disks - more easy to use.

HP Smart Array P420i Controller

The following description is for 2 physical/logical drives only. We do not support more than 2 logical drives.

  1. Delete every RAID configuration (Menu: Delete Logical Drive).
  2. Create a single array with the first disk (RAID0).
  3. Create a single array with the second disk (RAID0).
  4. Select "View Logical Drive" to see the current configuration.
    Two logical drives
  5. Now quit the configuration tool. The updated message, that now 2 logical drives are detected, should appear.
  6. Now install Airlock with mirroring. After the successfull installation of Airlock it is possible to see the monitoring status of the RAID configuration. Monitoring of RAID status is also enabled.

If it is required to do the disk configuration with the "HP Array Configuration Utility", be sure creating the logical drives after creating the arrays. If not, the RAID controller creates a single array and put all drives in the same array. Then, in the RAID Controller BIOS message, only one logical drive is displayed again.
HP Array Configuration Utility

After succesfull installation of Airlock we recommend to update the RAID Controller driver and the HP CLI Utility, too.
HP has released a RAID Controller driver with Version 2.5.0 (June 2012) and a Command Line Utility with Version 9.0 (June 2012). How to install driver and utility packages is described in the article How to update drivers and other packages.

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