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Preparing a HP Proliant DL360 Gen9 for Airlock WAF installation

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Airlock WAF
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New HP server hardware is delivered with active UEFI mode settings. You need to switch the boot mode from "UEFI mode" to "Legacy BIOS mode" for installing current Airlock WAF versions.

Change Boot Mode

Please change the following settings of the system configuration (based on BIOS version P89 1.40):

1. On BIOS boot screen, press F9 to enter in the system configuration mode

2. Select "System Configuration" and press Enter

3. Select "BIOS/Platform Configuration" and press Enter

4. Select "Boot Options" and press Enter

5. Select "Boot Mode" and change the current setting "UEFI Mode" to "Legacy BIOS Mode" and confirm the warning.

6. Verify the current settings of the "Legacy BIOS Boot Order"


Software RAID configuration

During installation, Airlock WAF creates a software RAID1 if two disks are present. Only in this case the RAID configuration state is monitored by Airlock WAF. If you create a hardward RAID configuration you need to manually install additional drivers/monitoring software. We recommend using the software RAID configuration managed by Airlock WAF.

To use the Airlock WAF software RAID configuration, the following steps are required:

1. On BIOS boot screen, Press F10 to start "Intelligent Provisioning"

2. In the following boot menu, select "HP Smart Storage Administrator"

3. Click on the left site on "Smart Arry P440ar" and click in the "Actions" menu on the button "Configure"

4. Clear all currently configured arrays - no array should be available and all disk should be unassigned

5. Create now a new RAID0 array with only one disk

6. Repeat the step before for the second disk

Your HP Proliant DL360 Gen9 server is now ready for installation of Airlock WAF 5.x.

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