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Implement Interface Speed Support for Additional Interface Types

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If you want to support another interface type than the default ones, copy the file /airlock/netcfg/nicspeed-lib/  to /airlock/netcfg/nicspeed-lib/<INTERFACE-TYPE>

<INTERFACE-TYPE> must be the name of the interface class that you want to support (example: e1000g)

Then adjust the new file according to your needs. There are a lot of working examples in /opt/slt/ses/netcfg/nicspeed-lib/ that you can use as inspiration for your own script.

To test your implementation, use the following commands on the command line:

# /opt/slt/ses/netcfg/ -nic <INTERFACE-INSTANCE> -cap
# /opt/slt/ses/netcfg/ -nic <INTERFACE-INSTANCE> -get
# /opt/slt/ses/netcfg/ -nic <INTERFACE-INSTANCE> -set <NICSPEED>

Do not place your implentation in /opt/slt/ses/netcfg/nicspeed-lib/! Files within this directory may be overriden or deleted in a future update.

Usage in Configuration Center

After you are finished with your script, you can also select and configure the interface speed in the Configuration Center - to activate the new plug-in, execute the following command before you log in to the Configuration Center:
# /opt/slt/ses/system/etc/slt.informationsYou should now be able to select the speed for your interfaces on the Node page, using the dropdown "Speed Mode". The selected value will be set the next time you activate your Airlock.

Note that the interface speeds shown on the Node page under the link "Show platform information" may have a latency of 1 minute after activation. To be sure that the selected speed has been applied, either wait 1 minute and refresh the Node page or log out and back in again.

If you change the mode of an interface, this will also be logged in the Log Viewer - select component "System" to see the corresponding log messages.

Share your implementation

If you have written your own script for a new interface type, we invite you to share your solution with us and all other Airlock users.
If you permit, we may add it to the standard airlock distribution.

Please send your script to the Airlock team.

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