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Individual administrator accounts

Affects product: 
Airlock WAF
Affects version(s): 
4.1 all versions

To add or edit Configuration Center users when using Airlock version 4.2.x, see article Admin Roles section UserManager Shell Script.

You may add individual user (admin) accounts for the Configuration Center. To add a new admin user simply create a system user that is member of the group 'aladmin'.

Log on as root and execute the following commands:

useradd -d / -g aladmin -s /bin/false -c "my admin user for the gui" -u uid username
passwd username

To avoid conflicts with future updates, the uid should be in the range of 20000-30000.


Important: Only one administrator may change the configuration at a time. If two or more users change the configuration, the concurrent changes will overwrite each other. Make sure only one admin edits at once and other people re-login before making changes to the configuration.

You can check if another user is logged in by expanding the "Currently active users" statusline in "Server Settings"

Screenshot showing "Currently active users" menu expanded

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