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How to reset the admin password for the Airlock WAF Configuration Center

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Airlock WAF

The password for user admin in the Airlock WAF Configuration Center can be reset on the command line:

For Airlock WAF 7.2 or later use the command line tool:

airlock-user-manager-tool -s -u admin -p <your new password>

Before Airlock WAF 7.2

  • SSH-Login as user 'root'
  • enter command 'airlock-user-manager', press <enter> (use command 'UserManager' for Airlock WAF 4.2)
  • Chose menu entry '2) Edit User'
  • Chose menu entry '1) admin'
  • Chose menu entry '3) Change Password'
  • Enter new password and confirm it
  • Chose menu entry 's) save'
  • Chose menu entry 'q) Quit'
  • The new password is immediately active.
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