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How to prevent Apache writing access-log

Affects version(s): 
until 4.2.4

Do not disable access logs for a cluster configuration! The access logs are needed to find out which node should be active. If you need to disable access logs (high traffic / big access log files), then you could enable the access logs for only the needed virtual hosts. Please contact the Airlock Support for help.

For most Airlock installations the access-logs are not used. Since access-logs consume a lot of disk space and cpu power the creation of access-logs may be disabled.

This is how to prevent Airlock from writing Apache access-logs:

Log in with SSH as user "root"
# vi /opt/slt/ses/apache22/conf/
  Search for "access_log" and add a second hash sign (#) in front of the keyword CustomLog
  Quit vi with :wq!
# svcadm disable slt_alec_agent
# svcadm enable slt_alec_agent

Now activate the actual Airlock configuration within the Configuration Center and proceed with:

Log in with SSH as user "root"
# zlogin ext
# /etc/init.d/slt.apache stop
# /etc/init.d/slt.apache start
# exit
# exit

From now on Airlock will not write access-log files anymore.

This change may be overridden by any applied update.

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