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Elastic License Changes 2021

Affects product: 
Airlock WAF
Airlock IAM

Ergon Informatik supports Elasticsearch (ES) and Kibana for logging and reporting in all components of the Airlock Secure Access Hub. In recent weeks, Elastic has announced several changes in the licensing of its products, introducing the SSPL and ELv2 licenses. These changes will be implemented with version 7.11 of the Elastic components. Up to and including Airlock Gateway 7.5, earlier versions of ES and Kibana are still in use. Ergon has reviewed the situation regarding the future use of ES and Kibana in the Secure Access Hub with Elastic.

Elastic has assured to Ergon that:

  • Redistribution by Ergon and installation by partners and customers remains permitted.
  • The operation of ES and Kibana as a managed service by Airlock partners remains permitted if ES and Kibana are used exclusively as an Airlock reporting system. This includes use on the appliance as well as operation of a standalone cluster. 
  • A commercial agreement from Elastic is required to run ES and Kibana as a general service not limited to use with Airlock Secure Access Hub.

Customers and partners using ES and Kibana with Airlock Secure Access Hub can therefore continue to do so under the revised Elastic License (ELv2) and do not require separate licensing.

Elastic provides a general FAQ here and welcomes any further questions for them at

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