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First steps to integrate an application

Affects version(s): 
4.2.x all versions
5.x all versions

After having installed Airlock on an appropriate plattform, follow these instructions to add the first application to be protected with Airlock.

  • Log in to the Configuration Center using a browser with HTTPS
  • Go to "System Setup" - "Nodes" and set an interface for the first external network interface. This may be the same as the one for management and back-end for demo, evaluation and testing purpose.

  • Go to "System Setup" - "License" and add a valid license for one of the listed ethernet addresses. If you don't have a licence yet, order one at
  • Go to "System Setup" - "Network Services" and configure the DNS server reachable on the back-end interface

  • Go to "Application Firewall" - "Reverse Proxy"
  • Add a Virtual Host with pressing the "plus" button

  • Change the Host name and add the public IP address. This is a new IP address on which Airlock will listen, accept connections and forward them to the back-end.

  • Add a Back-end Group with pressing the "plus" button

  • Set the Back-end Group name to something like "backend_xyz"
  • Define the Back-end Host

  • Add a Mapping with pressing the "plus" button

  • Use the template "Empty mapping"
  • Change the Mapping name to something like "application_xyz"

  • Connect the Mapping to the Virtual Host and the Back-end Group with the graphical connection lines on both sides of the mapping

  • Disable the Deny Rules "SQL Injection", "XSS" and "Reponse splitting". They will be refined later in the integration process.

  • Activate the new configuration with the "Activate" button

Now the application should be available through Airlock with connecting to the IP address of the new Airlock virtual host.

Use the Log Viewer ("Log & Report" - "Log Viewer") to track the traffic processed by Airlock.

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