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Monitoring graphics are not displayed

OLD: Affects version(s): 
4.2 all versions



In the Configuration Center under Log & Report > System Monitor you can monitor your system using a series of statistical charts. If one of these charts contains a gray part or the whole graphic is gray, there might a problem with the underlying statistical data.

Possible reason

Some or all of the statistical data (*.rrd) files in a subdirectory in /var/airlock/sysmon (for Airlock 4.2 /opt/slt/ses/taclog/proxy/data/sys_mon)
might be out of date, i.e. the date of the file is older than the current day. The statistical data were not updated since this date, hence the gray monitoring graphic. Check the date of the *.rrd files as follows:
# cd /var/airlock/sysmon
# ls -l -R

For Airlock 4.2 use following command instead:
# cd /opt/slt/ses/taclog/proxy/data/sys_mon
# ls -al


If you can find old files, log on to your Airlock via ssh as user root and change to the corresponding subdirectory (e.g. collectd/localhost/memory) and do the following steps:

# cd /var/airlock/sysmon/collectd/localhost/memory
# rm *.rrd (or: # rm <filename>.rrd)

For Airlock 4.2 use following command instead:
# cd /opt/slt/ses/taclog/proxy/data/sys_mon
# rm *.rrd (or: # rm <filename>.rrd)
# reboot

Removing these rrd files is permanent: You will lose your statistics.

After the reboot check again the graphics under Log & Report > System Monitor in the Configuration Center. Now, they should show anystatistical graphics.

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