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Airlock WAF Hardware Compatibility

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Airlock WAF
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This article is about selecting compatible hardware for Airlock WAF. If you just want to size your hardware (Disk/RAM/CPU speed), please refer to hardware sizing.

Does Airlock WAF Run on Your Hardware?

Airlock WAF requires an x64 system. 


To check the compatiblity of new or planned hardware, follow these steps. Every step is explained in detail below this box - just click on the link to scroll down.

  1. Check the version table below to find out which specific operating system release you must look for (Example: Airlock WAF 7.0 is based on CentOS 7.4).
  2. Get a statement of the hardware vendor.
  3. The last, but also the most unreliable option is to check the hardware compatibility lists maintained by operating system vendors.

Disclaimer: We are not able to guarantee that Airlock WAF runs on a specific hardware configuration. Our support team can not answer questions like "Does Airlock WAF run on hardware xy?". You will be directed to this checklist instead.


1. Underlying Operating System Releases

Since Airlock WAF is built on top of standard operating systems, the ability to install Airlock WAF on a preferred plattform depends on the compatibility with this operating system. Please consider the following list to check which release of Airlock WAF uses a certain OS release. 

Airlock WAF Version Operating System
7.4 CentOS 7.7
7.3 CentOS 7.7
7.2 CentOS 7.6
7.1 CentOS 7.5
7.0 CentOS 7.4

2. Hardware Vendor Compatibility Statement

Many vendors guarantee compatibility for certain operating systems (e.g., IBM, HP, Dell and others). If you cannot find a compatibility statement, please check the sources described in this article. 

3. OS Vendor Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) 

CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by a prominent North American Enterprise Linux vendor. CentOS conforms fully with the upstream vendors redistribution policy and aims to be 100% binary compatible.


Airlock WAF does not support the cciss Raid Controller driver but only the successor hpsa driver.

Finding your hardware in the HCL does not guarantee the compatibility of your exact configuration.
Often, a newer processor or a new optional device (like a disk controller) requires a newer operating system release, too.

Installation on VMware

See Airlock WAF on VMware

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