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Airlock IAM STS Releases

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Airlock IAM

LTS vs STS Releases

There are usually 2 major or minor LTS (long-term supported) releases for Airlock IAM per year. Bugfix and maintenance releases are issued as required to fix bugs and address security issues. Features and general enhancements are published in major/minor releases.

The LTS releases are general availability ("GA") releases. They are announced in newsletters and are available to all customers with a software subscription in the download area at

If product changes are required in a project but it is not possible to wait until the next LTS release is ready, these changes can possibly be made available at an earlier date in STS releases (short-term supported). STS-releases need to be planned several months ahead and are usually offered and billed to the customer. STS releases are not snapshot or nightly releases but well-known, tested, and released versions of the software. STS releases can be used in production but the following restrictions and obligations apply.

STS Release Usage Restrictions

  1. STS-releases can not be downloaded freely but are delivered to the customer individually by the partner, Airlock Vendor Services (VS), or Airlock Professional Services (PS).
  2. Before delivering an STS release to a customer, partners must get explicit approval from the Airlock team to do so.
  3. Bugfix releases are typically not available for STS releases.
  4. Security fixes are only provided for STS releases if there is a specific need. In order to investigate the need, the e-mail address of a contact familiar with the technical deployment context has to be provided to the Airlock team when the STS release is supplied.
  5. Once the next LTS release has been published, the corresponding STS releases will be supported for another two months. During this time period, an upgrade to the new LTS release must be performed. No bugfix or security releases will be created for the STS releases after this time.
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