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Airlock Kerberos Agent

The Airlock Kerberos Agent provides an easy way to do Kerberos Identity Propagation. The benefit of this solution is, that single sign-on (SSO) can be provided without knowing users password for back-end authentication. This allows to do authentication enforcement on Airlock with client certificate or RSA SecureID token. It is an elegant way of propagating users identity to the web application which allows Kerberos authentication (typically possible with Microsoft Web Server).

End of Support
In Airlock WAF 6, the Kerberos Agent is replaced by a completely integrated back-side Kerberos SSO functionality. Therefore, the Kerberos Agent will no longer be supported in Airlock WAF 6.

The following document describes how to implement and configure the Kerberos Agent and the involved systems (Airlock, Airlock Authentication Service and the back-end application).

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