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Migrating to new hardware

Affects product: 
Airlock WAF
Affects version(s): 
4.2 all versions
4.1 all versions

Reasons to move to new hardware

  • replace old hardware e.g. current hardware ran out of support
  • replace defective hardware
  • change hardware because of new hardware requirements of a new Airlock release, e.g. from Airlock version 4.1 to 4.2
  • need of more performance because of higher traffic (e.g. more SSL handshakes, new applications, etc.)


To replace the hardware plattform, do the following steps:

Important: In case of an upgrade to a newer major version of Airlock, first do the following migration scenario in lab- or test-environment. Never do this directly in a productive environment!

  1. Save your current Airlock configuration
  2. Document your special configuration ("hidden switches", e.g. changes in the file) done directly on the Solaris shell if required.
  3. Save your authentication application or other add-on modules installed on Airlock (Tomcat Container) if required
  4. Install the corresponding Airlock version on the new hardware (old hardware is still up and running and online, if not defective). Use the related installation guide.
    Attention if old hardware is still online: For management interface, first use a different IP address. Cause of IP address conflicts, do NOT connect the external interface to your network untill you go online with this new hardware
  5. After successful installation connect to the Configuration Center and restore the saved configuration.
  6. If needed make the corresponding changes, e.g. management IP address and activate the configuration
  7. If necessary (see 2.) add the special configuration over the Solaris shell
  8. Deploy the authentication service or other add-on modules over the tomcat administration GUI (see 3.)
  9. Connect the external interface to the network and, at the same time, shut down your old hardware
  10. Test your application (if anything is not OK, make a switch back to the old hardware and contact your partner or Airlock Support)
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