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Airlock Support Concept

Support Concept

The Airlock Techzone is the single point of entry for all kind of support matters. With all the articles, FAQs etc. it builds a very important knowledgebase for all partners and customers. Information and newsletters about new Airlock releases and add on modules are published over the Airlock Techzone. To strengthen its position, from today all support requests has to be done over the Online Ticketing.

The Online Ticketing is accessible for Airlock Partners and in some special cases also for individual customers. The main advantage of the Online Ticketing is to get support most efficient because all important information, e.g. the exact Airlock version, log messages etc., are posted at the first support request to the Airlock Support team.

The following pictures shows how the Airlock Support is guaranteed:

Picture: New Airlock Support Concept

Support Levels

  • First Level
  • Access to Techzone, access level "customer"
  • In special cases customer gets support directly from Airlock support (triggered by partner)
  • Second Level
  • By qualified partner
  • Access to Techzone, access level "partner",
  • Access to Online Ticketing to get Airlock support
  • Support request by sending support form on Techzone
  • Further communication via telephone and/or e-mail
  • 7x24 support upon request
  • Third Level
  • By Airlock support
  • 7x24 support upon request
  • Max. 4h reaction time on work days

More information about our support stages

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