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Docker-Tools not available after Update to Airlock WAF 7.3


When updating to Airlock WAF 7.3, if you had previously installed the docker-tools, you might encounter that the installed tools are not available anymore.

Commands like to following will fail:

# airlock-docker-cli
-bash: airlock-docker-cli: command not found
# virsh console airlock-docker-host
error: The domain is not running



Reinstall the docker-tools as follows:

airlock-optional-component -i docker-tools

After a reboot of the affected Airlock, the docker-host image will be run automatically again and docker containers will be restarted, as long as --restart=always was specified while starting the containers.


Please don't rerun the second stage of the installation manual for docker-tools. (airlock-docker-host-setup -i)

Doing so will recreate and overwrite the existing docker-host image.

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