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Configure HP Proliant DL320e Gen8

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This is a description of how to configure an HP Proliant DL320e Gen8 to be used as an Airlock plattform. This system is not yet listed on the HP compatibility list!

The software driver HP RAID Controller 2.5.0 delivered with the Airlock installation medium supports the Smart Array P220i Controller, but it is recommend to update the driver to version 2.5.3 as soon as possible.

HP server systems are already preconfigured with a hardware RAID setup out of the box if more than one harddisk is installed. To monitor the RAID status, a software RAID1 is required by Airlock. Therefor it is neccessary to reconfigure the Hardware RAID configuration.

The RAID Controller P220i gives the choice of wizard driven configuration called "HP Array Configuration Utility" (press F5 during the controller BIOS message) and simple RAID configuration called "Option ROM Configuration for Arrays Utility" (Press F8 during controller BIOS message). We recommend to select "Option ROM Configuration for Arrays Utility". It will start much faster and is easier to use when configuring a single logical Disk.

To see how to release the hardware RAID configuration, see Configure HP Proliant DL360p/DL380p Gen8 RAID .

Following BIOS setting MUST be changed to install and use Airlock on this type of machine.

Support of the internal DVD drive

The SATA-Controller on which the DVD drive is connected (Smart Array B120i) must not by in "Enable Dynamic HP Smart Array B120i RAID Support" mode. You need to change this setting to AHCI-Mode.

You will find the BIOS setting under (F9 for setup during system start):

System Options -> SATA Controller Options -> Embedded SATA Configuration -> Enable SATA AHCI Support

Change controller mode

If you do not change this setting, you will get an error message, that Solaris does not find the JumpStart directory. This error message is shown after the first configuration step (hostname, network settings).


Disable Intel Processor feature

You will find the BIOS setting here:

System Options -> Processor Options -> Intel VT-d -> disable

Disable Intel VT-d feature

The Intel VT-d feature must be disabled. If you do not disable this feature, you will get an IOMMU0 error message after the first installation step (if Solaris boots for the first time from harddisk). After that the system will halt and you are unable to do anything else.
Halt message if processor feature is enabled

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