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What to remove if the root partition is full

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A file system should not be filled more than 85-90%, so it can work efficiently.

If the root partition size reaches more than ~90% of disk space, it is possible to remove the following files and/or packages:

  • Keep config files (in particular the reporting data, the directories will be kept):
    # ls -l /opt/slt/settings/keep/*/*
    # rm /opt/slt/settings/keep/*/*
  • A few big installation packages:
    Attention: do not delete - it is used for Re-IP# cd /opt/slt/ses/setup/component_packages/
    # ls -l airlock.war
    # rm airlock.war
  • Search for core files and remove all existing core files:
    # ls -la /core*
    # rm /core*
    # find /opt /zone -type f -name core

    Check the output of this command. If the files are ok to be deleted, use following command:

    # find /opt /zone -type f -name core | xargs rm
  • Are there special binaries installed?
    In normal case there should be only the file security_gate, do not delete this file# ls -la /opt/slt/ses/gatekeeper/bin/security_gate.*
    # rm /opt/slt/ses/gatekeeper/bin/security_gate.*
  • One file not needed anymore on the newest Airlock versions:
    # ls -l /opt/slt/ses/alec/webclient/tomcat/webapps/airlock/files/airlock_extended_EULA_1-0_web.pdf
    # rm /opt/slt/ses/alec/webclient/tomcat/webapps/airlock/files/airlock_extended_EULA_1-0_web.pdf
  • If there is still needed more of space, it is possible to uninstall the unix manual pages packages from the system (~40MB):
    In some cases the unix manual pages are very useful, so think twice whether it is really necessary to uninstall the packages.# pkgrm SUNWman
    # pkgrm SUNWsfman
    # pkgrm SUNWxman
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