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Software Subscription Services (SSU)

Software Upgrades and Hotfixes

Airlock is continually extended and maintained by our software engineering team. New features easing daily operations are added in major and minor versions. Security related hotfixes are particularly important for Airlock being a security product. Our security team constantly monitors emerging threats and vulnerabilities affecting Airlock and its back-end applications and reports finding in the vulnerability overview. Advice and hotfixes for relevant security issues are made available promptly to ensure the high level of protection guaranteed by Airlock.



Advice on how to prevent the Poodle attack on Airlock was announced shortly after disclosure of the vulnerability. The following hotfix updated the OpenSSL version on Airlock and completely disabled the affected SSLv3 protocol.

Bash Bug (ShellShock) 

Promptly after disclosure of the vulnerability, rules for blocking ShellShock attacks towards back-ends behind Airlock were announced by our team. Even though Airlock itself was not vulnerable, a hotfix was released to update the local bash installation of Airlock to aid administrators in getting rid of all affected installations completely.


On April 7, 2014, the vulnerability in OpenSSL was disclosed. Airlock customers were provided with a hotfix shortly after noon on the following day. By applying the hotfix, all applications behind Airlock were protected within one day.


Overview of Software Subscription Services

Included upgrade of functionality. New releases are announced through a customer newsletter and are available for download at Techzone.

  • Major releases
  • Minor releases
  • Stability and maintenance releases

Constant vulnerability monitoring and assessment by Airlock's security team. Findings are reported in a vulnerability overview on Techzone. In case Airlock is affected:

  • notification via newsletter
  • prompt advice
  • prompt hotfixes for supported releases. Please refer to article Release Lifecycle for details on supported releases.

Old major releases are supported for 12 months after publication of the next major release. Please refer to article Release Lifecycle for details.

Documentation of software and add-ons
Access to Techzone, a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge base around Airlock
Newsletter with security alerts, product information and updates
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