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How Ergon supports your project

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How Ergon supports your projects

In Airlock WAF and IAM projects, you may encounter obstacles or be unsure about best practices. Depending on the complexity of your inquiry, there are various ways we can support you.

Support Case

Contact us through Techzone

Opening a support case on Techzone is the easiest way to get help. You can register, login, create tickets and watch all your support tickets (issue type CASE) and orders (issue type ORDER). To open a new support case, please create a CASE issue at and include the following information:

  • Description of the problem and the steps for reproducing it
  • If the problem has a history or involves custom code developed by Ergon, please provide names of associated people, e.g. former colleagues or Ergon engineers. This will dramatically speed up the support process.
  • Indication of priority and your time schedule, e.g. "Production services are currently unavailable" or “The project should go live at the end of September”. General term such as "ASAP" are hard to interpret.
When to open a support case
  • Little effort, usually less than 4 hours
  • Expected delivery time within 1 - 3 days
  • No Ergon employees involved yet
  • Charged on a time and material basis
Example problems for support cases
  • We are stuck with the step-up functionality with the plugin “Stepup on demand”. Can you give us a hand?
  • Something in our SAML integration seems weird. Can you help us with the analysis according to the attached log files?

Solution Design, Consulting and Review

Profit from our expert knowledge

In case you have an ongoing project and want to challenge some decisions or review a solution design, we'd be happy to assist with our experience and expertise.

For a consulting offer, please open an ORDER issue with an email to order@airlock com or create an ORDER issue on

Typical consulting inquiries covered by ORDER issues
  • Questions about designing a workflow
  • Development of custom plugins 
  • Solution or configuration reviews
  • Questions regarding product roadmaps

Engineering Power

Close the gaps with Ergon engineering power

If  a project requires custom plugins or configuration assistance on premise, Ergon can support your project with engineering power.

For an engineering offer, please open an ORDER issue with an email to order@airlock com or create an ORDER issue on

Typical engineering tasks
  • Effort is more than 2 days
  • Defined scope with estimated efforts to be delivered in a defined timeframe
  • Start of work within 4 weeks
  • Specific project know-how by specific Ergon employees is required (Charged on a time and material basis)
Example requests
  • Delivery of 2 plugins according to the solution design until March 20th
  • 5 days of integration support during April 1st to 15th

Standby Support

Peace of mind when launching

When going live, we can provide standby support to ensure that everything will be fine and smooth.

For standby support, please open an ORDER issue with an email to order@airlock com or create an ORDER issue on

Typical standby inquiries
  • First-time deployments or deployments of major changes
  • Custom code is involved
  • Complex project setup with know-how of a specific Ergon employee is required
  • Unknown effort in a fixed timeframe, e.g. from 20:00 to 02:00.
  • Guaranteed reaction times, e.g. within 30 minutes, start of work within 60 minutes.
Example inquiries
  • In the night from April 20th to 21st, we want "Jack" on standby in case we encounter issues during the deployment.
  • During the integration process between April 1st until April 15th, we might need your support. However, the amount of required support is unknown.  
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