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Airlock Support Process

Please use the Airlock Online Ticketing for your support request if you are an Airlock Partner or have direct support permissions. Other options about how Ergon supports your projects are available here.

Support for Airlock Customers

If you are a customer, please contact your Airlock reseller. This is your Airlock joint partner and will directly answer your Airlock questions.

If you have a direct support contract with Ergon, please use the Airlock Online Ticketing. To use the Online Ticketing a registration is required.

Support for Airlock Partners

As an Airlock Partner, please use the Airlock Online Ticketing to open a support ticket in the name of the end user customer. If not registred yet use the registration form.

You will find more information about the Airlock Support process here.


Please download the TeamViewer remote support client if someone of the Airlock Support Team tells you to do so.

Starting the remote support client does not give permission to access your computer to anyone. The Airlock Support team is allowed to see your desktop only after you have confirmed the access request.

Release Lifecycle

Airlock major releases are supported for one year after publication of the next major release. Please refer to the release lifecylce page for details regarding specific releases.