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Migrating Custom System Settings to Airlock 5

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Migrating custom system settings

This article describes how to convert custom system settings to Airlock 5.

Please refer to the general Airlock 5 Upgrade Guide for a detailed description of how to upgrade an Airlock node.

Customized events

To migrate the customized event configuration copy the file logsurfer.conf.user.custom from backup to the directory /opt/airlock/custom-settings/taclog/ and restart the service:
service restart geneventd
service restart logsurfer
For more information about event customization see this article.

Additional Configuration Center user

To migrate the Configuration Center users and their permissions, copy the files, and from backup to the directory /opt/airlock/custom-settings/mgt-auth (overwrite the existing files) and execute the following commands:

# mv
# chmod 040
# chown fown:alec

Customized Configuration Center authentication

To migrate a custom configuration for the Configuration Center authentication, copy the file from the backup to the directory /opt/airlock/custom-settings/mgt-auth and change the global.logFile property to:


Change also the following file paths to:


Read-only User

How to create the additional read-only user for automatic backup is described here. 

System-level differences between Airlock 4.2 and 5

For an overview of the relevant system-level changes (e.g., directory structure, log files, commands, service management), please consult the Command Line Cheat Sheet.

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