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Airlock Versioning Scheme

Affects product: 
Airlock WAF
Airlock IAM

This article describes the versioning scheme of the Airlock products.

Goals and motivation:

  • One versioning scheme for Gateway, Microgateway, and IAM
  • Version number indicates the expected upgrade effort

The versioning scheme is based on "semantic versioning" with specific definitions of "breaking change":


Please refer to for further information about the support life cycle.


Definitions of "Breaking Change"

Semantic versioning requires a release to be "major" whenever it contains "breaking changes". We adhere to the following definitions of "breaking change":

A version is considered to be breaking and therefore a major release in the following cases:

Airlock Gateway

  • Invasive change, potentially requiring manual configuration changes or re-testing of already integrated applications (e.g. major rule or parser changes, new regex engine, removal of deprecated features, etc.).
  • Changes in the config REST API with expected high impact on customers.
  • Non-backward compatible changes in the control API (CAPI).
  • If a full re-installation is necessary (e.g. major OS update).

Airlock Microgateway

  • In case of invasive changes, they potentially require manual configuration changes or re-testing of already integrated applications (e.g. significant rule or parser changes, new regex engine, removal of deprecated features, etc.).
  • Changes in Custom Resource Definitions which have the apiVersion stable.
  • Non-backward compatible changes in the control API (CAPI).
  • Adjustments in the deployment mode.

Airlock IAM

If upgrading requires manual changes for existing features in the following areas:

  • Documented REST APIs
  • Configuration (XML,, environment variables)
  • Customizing (HTML/JSP templates, SDK)
  • DB schemas


Note that changes on non-published features or features marked as "incubating" are not considered breaking. This includes, e.g., the IAM Java API for custom code (contact support for further information about the Java API).


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