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Does Airlock WAF run on VMware?

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Airlock WAF
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Airlock WAF runs very well on VMware. The  Airlock WAF on VMware Installation Manual guides you through setting up a virtual machine with Airlock WAF. Please check the guest OS requirements for your version of VMware: For determining the VMware compatibility, it is important to know that Airlock WAF is based on CentOSFor more information see Hardware Compatibility.

VMware tools

Since Airlock WAF 7.0 the manual installation of VMware tools is not required and not recommended anymore.​​​​

For older versions of Airlock WAF, it is highly recommended to install the VMware tools after installing Airlock WAF in a VM. Among other things, the VMware tools contain an optimized network driver for the guest operating system. Your VM should run faster and the networking is more reliable with the VMware tools installed.

The  Airlock Console Menu helps you to install the VMware tools:

  • Login as user menu
    (Please note that this must be done on the VMware console and not in a SSH shell.)
  • Choose Expert Settings and then Install VMware Tools
  • Follow the instructions on the screen...

When experiencing network performance issues, please update the VMware tools to the most current version.

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