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Where are the log files?

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Note: Some commands and paths in this article might be specific to Airlock version 5. For Airlock 4.2 equivalents, please consult the command line cheat sheet.

You may browse and search the logs via Log Viewer. If you really prefer vi, more or less, you can still access the log files on the console. But be aware that the logs are distributed over many files. Here is a list of the most important log files:

  • Request information like information about headers, filtering, sessions, cookies, etc.
    Example: The cause of blocked requests (“no allow rule matched”, “deny rule blocked” or “unencrypted URL”, etc.) can be found here:
  • Apache compatible access log file for each virtual host (when enabled):
  • Global system messages, contains additional information about the configuration activation process of Airlock
    can be found /var/log/messages
  • Information about failed logins see:
  • Log files containing information about Config-Center, php, console Menu and Updates/Downgrades see:
  • Apache, Network IF, DNS, IP-Filter, Routing, E-Mail etc. log information:
  • Failover switches or failover state:
  • SSL messages (messages about expired SSL Certs, Cypher-Errors, SSL HW log, stunnel and mod_ssl)
  • System and Hardware messages about Disks, RAID, CPU, Memory, Daemons, Security Gate (children management), etc. in:
    Example: System-Errors/Messages like “disk full”, “disk mirroring error”, “RAM defect”, “kernel error”, etc. are logged in:
  • SSL VPN log messages in:
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